Sunday, 29 June 2014

The Sixth Form Ball!

Last night was the Sixth Form Masquerade Ball. For me this has been a long time in planning, and a lot of time and effort has gone into all of the preparations for the night. But once I was there everything paid off and I had a great night.

The make-up I wore to prom was all focused on keeping it on my face for as long as possible. I used Benefit Porefessional Primer, No7 Stay Perfect Foundation, Benefit Eye shadows, Benefit The're Real Mascara, Rimmel's Eyebrow pencil, Beni Tint for lips and cheeks, Rimmel's Natural Bronzer, Benefit Dandelion Blush, Sleek Highlighter, Lancome Juicy Lips lipgloss in Watermelon, and to keep the shine at bay Rimmel's Stay Matt powder.
The shoes I wore are my Black suede shoes from next, which i have had for many years, but here is a similar pair. My bag is from H&M as well as my pink purse, which is just the right size for my Id and cash. I also took my new camera the Cannon Ixus 155. And as it was a masquerade ball I need a mask, I picked this one up from the local fancy dress and dance shop, and stuck on the sequins to make it sparkle.
My dress I ordered from amazon. I was a full length dress that had a patterned band round the middle. I absolutely loved it. It didn't quite touch the floor which was good as the floor did get a bit messy.

After a lot of hard work of myself and a small group of other we managed to turn the venue into an a gorgeous room. The table decoration were vase from Ikea filled with coloured broken glass also from Ikea, and the mask which my sister and I hand made. The venue was just the right size, with enough table and it look so impressive as you walked in. And still looked great when the lights went down and the dancing started.

I had a great time last night the prefect way to celebrate the end of the exams and the new beginnings to come. I hope if you have had a prom or a leaving event that you loved it as much as I loved mine and tell me all about it on my Facebook page. To make sure you never miss a post make sure you are following my blog on Bloglovin.

emily xx 

Sunday, 22 June 2014

25 Things to do this Summer!

Exams are nearly over (one to go), and that means its almost Summer! I have been inspired by Alfie (PointlessBlog) to write a list of 25 thing I want to do or achieve over this summer. So here goes:
  1. Spend as much time with my family as possible.
  2. Bake lots of cake.
  3. Visit the beach at least once!
  4. Have a cute picnic in the park.
  5. Say 'Yes' to doing something I would normally say no to.
  6. Go to as many BBQ's as possible.
  7. Go on an adventure with out a plan!
  8. Start my new series on this blog (more info to come!).
  9. Take more photos.
  10. Have smore's on camp! 
  11. Make the most of everyday, that means no crazy lie-ins.
  12. Do something active everyday.
  13. Buy and wear something out of my comfort zone.
  14. Re-decorate my room.
  15. Have a huge clear out!
  16. Try some new foods.
  17. Visit somewhere in the UK I have never been before.
  18. Keep my room as mess free as possible.
  19. Do something a bit scary!
  20. Go out with my friends at least once.
  21. Host a garden party with afternoon tea!
  22. Go on a bike ride.
  23. Sew all my badges onto my camp blanket. 
  24. Eat pizza and pasta in Italy!
  25. This one may sound cheesy but, I just really want to enjoy this summer!
I suppose from this list and the blog post I just want you to do more of what makes you happy. Over the summer I'll do a few blog post with photos to update you on how I am doing with these 25 things.

Tell me in the comments or on my Facebook page the things you want to do this summer and thank you to my friend for letting me use his photo in this post. To make sure you never miss a post make sure you are following my blog on Bloglovin.

emily xx 

Sunday, 15 June 2014

Make Up Timer Tag!

This tag was created by Blogger and Youtuber Lily Pebbles. The idea of the tag is to time yourself doing each part of you makeup at a normal speed and then blog about it.

This is the makeup look I have been wearing when I have been able to escape the house and revision, even if it is for exams! Its a natural look, it is more than I used to wear to school but still a neutral look.

My Times:
Foundation: 1:15
- Rimmel Match perfection in 100 ivory, applied using a Real Techniques 'Buffing' brush.
Concealer: 0:48
- I used Collections Lasting Perfection concealer in 1-Light
Brows: 0:55
-Rimmel Eyebrow Pencil in 001-Dark Brown
Eyes: 2:24
-Max Factor Mono Eye Shadow in 02-Creme Champagne, a No7 Dark Brown Shimmer Eye Shadow, Eyelash Curlers and Rimmel Extra Super Lash Marscara.
Powder/Bronzer/Blush: 1:38
-Sleek 'Face Form' Contour and Blush Palette and Rimmel Stay Matte powder.
Lips: 0:10
-Barry M Lip gloss

I hope you have enjoyed this blog post, its something a bit different. If you want me to do more tag like this tell me in the comments. I tag my sister Katie from My Silver Linings to do this tag.

Thank you for reading. Make sure you never miss a post by following on Bloglovin or liking my Facebook page.

emily xx

Sunday, 8 June 2014

New Glasses!

If you read last weeks blog you will know that this week is all about my new glasses. I have to wear glasses all the time as I am short sighted and my vision has been on a fast decline over the past two years. But last week I recived my new glasses.

I bought them from Boots Opticians and they had the deal that if you buy one pair you get a second Boots pair for free. So I got one designer pair and one pair from a Boots designer. My lenses are the lightened and thinned lenses with the anti-glare coating. I went for this option because without it my lenses would be too thick for the frames and anti-glare is good as I spend a lot of time on my laptop working (as well as watching YouTube and Blogging) and I can only see this time getting longer when I am at Uni.

My first pair are a designer pair from Marc by Marc Jacobs. They are a plastic frame, the outside are a mottled brown and the insides are see through plastic with an almost coffee bean print showing through. The front of the frames get wider on the tops toward the edges. I love this frame as the have the slight old style feel with the almost 1950's cat eye shape. The lenses are also larger than my old ones so they show off my of my face and my eye makeup which cant be a bad thing.
Marc by Marc Jacobs - Havana Glasses:

My second pair are from Boot's own designer range Kyusu. These are my 'fun' frames. I say this because my other ones are very smart professional looking glasses, and these ones are a bit heavier and have purple insides which show when you are wearing them. These will act as a spare pair but also as my fun glasses for when I don't want to look so serious!

This has fallen at a good time as this week Tanya Burr did an every day makeup tutorial for glasses wears on her channel, which you can check out here.  If you would like to see future post of makeup tips for glasses wears or tips on how to choose the frame for you write down in the comments below.

Thank you for reading, and I will see you next week. Make sure you never miss a post by following on Bloglovin or liking my Facebook page.

emily xx

Sunday, 1 June 2014

£1 Jess Polish!

This week I was supposed to be showing you my new glasses, but I need to get them refitted.
So this week it is all about £1 nail polish! This is Jess Nail Polish which is made exclusively for Poundland with a good selection of colours and gorgeous glitters.
I feel that the full colours are hit and miss, and take a few coats to achieve an opaque colour. But they also have lovely shimmers such as Breathless, which apply smoothly and have a beautiful iridescent finish.
Right to Left: Mauve, Zest, Breathless and Mink Coat
But what I really wanted to tell you about are the glitters! The glitters are amazing, they can be used over the top of a colour to brighten up a plain colour or they can be used on there own but do require a few coats to build up the amount of glitter. They are just so pretty!!
Right to Left: Sea Breeze, Boho, Celebration and Topaz
So if you have a Poundland near you (sorry I think they are only in England) get down and buy some of these polishes. They are defiantly a great deal and whether you are a nail polish novice or already a lover, you can expand your collection for a fraction of the cost of even drug store polishes!

I hope you have enjoyed reading this and will go an try some out! If you do tell me your thoughts in the comments or on my Facebook page. To make sure you don't miss out any of my posts, come and follow me on Bloglovin.

Thanks for reading,

emily xx